9° post “Miles Electric readies all-electric family sedan”

Miles Electric Vehicles will test the market for all-electric vehicles next year with a $45,000 sedan, though under a different brand name.

The company, founded in 2004, now sells electric fleet vehicles or “neighborhood” sedans that top out at about 25 miles per hour. It has also been developing, through a series of partnerships, an electric four-door, five passenger sedan with a range of about 100 miles.

In the first half of 2010, Miles plans to market test about 200 or 300 of the sedans and then make more available for sale in California by fall of that year, according to Kara Saltness, the director of marketing at Miles.

Later this month, the Santa Monica, Calif.-based company will announce the name of the sedan.

There are several electric and hybrid cars aimed at mainstream consumers that will start coming to market late next year, including a plug-in Toyota Prius and General Motors’

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